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Better for Baby: Inside the #ACUREBaby Event

I’ve got a 15 month old with sensitive skin. I no longer use my regular hand cream (on myself!) because it’s too harsh. I’ve had to start buying an unscented detergent. I can’t even so much as approach her with a sealed tube of perfumed body lotion—for fear that her little body will sense it coming!

#acurebaby event
wall of acure products

Needless to say, I have to be very careful in terms of what products I use on her milky, silky, and smooth baby skin—so that it stays milky, silky, and smooth! That’s why I was so excited to learn about the launch of the new ACURE Baby collection.

brianne and nicole at acure baby event
learning about acure

Earlier this week, Momtrends hosted a few of our favorite bloggers at an intimate brunch in NYC, where we learned all about ACURE Baby. Here’s what’s so amazing about the new products: they're free from animal testing, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, parabens, artificial colors, and harmful preservatives. Plus, they’re organic. And, unlike a lot of other “natural” or high-end organic baby products on the market, ACURE’s line is affordable and, in many cases, multipurpose!

bloggers at the acure event
acure brunch
acure bloggers

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acure baby product collection
acure onesies

(Have I mentioned the adorable sea-inspired product packaging? It’s super fun and kid-friendly, but simple, clean, and attractive—so you can proudly keep out and display in your family's bathroom!)

yummy baby lotion
acure trial

While sipping coffee and munching on finger sandwiches, our group of VIP bloggers got to test, smell, and experience these incredible baby-friendly skin and body picks. ACURE’s slogan is, “It’s not enough to be natural… It also has to work.” I can tell you as a mom who has tried practically every product on the market, this statement rings true! The yummy baby lotion I tested at the event left my skin feeling hydrated and pampered hours later—and it had a delightful vanilla citrus scent that subtly lingered.

I can already say that the Baby Sun SPF Stick is my new go-to sunscreen (for the littles and for me and the hubs!). A few quick swipes of the zinc formula, and you’re done. The Baby Fix Stick will have a permanent home in my diaper bag too. It’s great on boo-boos, dry patches, cuticles, and other minor issues.

acure baby's day out
acure gift bag

We all left the event with a gift bag full of ACURE Baby in tow—and so now I'm off to the testing labs (AKA my little girl’s nursery!). Two days in—and her super-sensitive skin is loving these super-sensitive formulas. I'm already sold.

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