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Bali Style Summit

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What bugs you about your bras and underwear. Bali REALLY wants to know. So much so, that they gathered an impressive group of fashion bloggers in NYC to host a fashion summit all about trends in undergarments and beauty. Founded in 1927, it's no surprise to me that Bali reports being #1 in many sales categories--they've made a science to predicting what women want and need--sometimes before we know it.

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Here's a bit of what I learned at the summit: Beauty starts within, great undergarments build a great wardrobe and finally--no one should dictate your style. Style comes from withing and should be cultivated and nurtured.

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Bali gathered a dozen editors to NYC. We dined, gossiped, swapped business ideas and most of all discussed fashion and beauty. It was fab to meet the editors of blogs such as LookLingerLove and Afrobellla. We heard from beauty expert Moani Lee about simple and sophisticated makeup techniques and got wardrobe tips from celebrity Stylish Jen Rade.

It wasn't all hobnobbing. We also got a history lesson. We loved looking at vintage Bali ads (the ones shot of Naomi Campbell in the 90s are breathtaking!). For instance we learned that the rather, voluminous panty called the "Skimp Skamp" has been around for decades and is still the #1 panty at Bali.

We also learned that Bali's philosophy is all about empowering women to own their style, their, beauty and their figures. Bali aims to create undergarments that are beautiful for women, not sexy for men. Get it? I sure do.

Modestly priced, most of Bali's bras fall within the range of $32-$36--making these bras extremely affordable and a great way to "live beautifully daily." We also learned that the Bali team always has their ear to the ground. From a first bra shopping experience to co-shopping with senior citizens, Bali wants to know what goes down in the dressing room and what bras women wear day to day.

Here's what else I learned 85% of us are wearing the wrong size. I found this out when I did my Bali fitting. I'm not a 34B as a thought. Instead, I've been demoted to A land. Great for Algebra grades, not so good for filling out a swimsuit!
The most common size sold is 38C--but everyone should get fit every few years. Figures shift and change. And check out this statistic: on average women buy 5 new bras a year. Most women have 12 in the lingerie drawer but only wear about half of them. Where are your numbers?

After all this fascinating information we got to take a look at some of the fashions to come from Bali.

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Lace: Forget out itchy and stiff, Bali has perfected smooth, sleek lace undergarments. Try the new lace body briefer to come in Spring 2012.

Color: Nude is essential, and where would we be without black, but trendy moms are embracing color. Try the SureSize Wirefree ($32) in a dozen colors including sweat pea, positively purple, orange slice and cosmic blue to name a few.

Seamless construction: Thanks to the santoni machine you can bid adieu to bulky, binding seems. This technology is used in Champion sports bras and I am a huge fan. Try the Comfort Revolution Wirefree ($34)

Shapewear with silicon: Forget about your shapewear rolling up or down. A touch of silicon keeps the panty from riding up. The shapewear melts right into your skin. Bye, bye muffin top. Try the No Lines No Slip Lace Waist Panty ($11)

Thank you to Bali for pulling this event together and for meeting the fashion needs of women each and every day. For more information visit or follow on Facebook

Full Disclosure: Bali provided travel stipends for all the bloggers involved including hotel stay, food and entertainment.

For more fashion fun visit

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