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We adore Angelina--the little white mouse with big dreams. Katharine Holabird (author) and Helen Craig (illustrator) teamed up for the first Angelina Ballerina book in 1983 and little girls have never stopped loving the white mouse in the pink tutu. This weekend I got the chance to check out the new Angelina. She still loves dancing, but shes grown up a bit.

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The press team sent me four episodes. We watched them all...twice! I loved all the realistic dance moves (could be because they hired esteemed dance consultants, such as Wes Chapman from the American Ballet Theater II) and the nice themes underlying each episode. There were plenty of life-lessons and silly songs that little girls will adore.

The show will air on PBS (sprout channel), but as a non-TV watching mom I sure hope they release these on DVD. I couldn't find an image of the new Angelina, but I will update as soon as I can. The PR team sent this--she's more pink in 'person' but you get the idea!

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