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Alphabet books are ideal first books for babies. Pint-sized readers love flipping pages and experiencing the repetition of an alphabet book. When it comes to these books, the simpler the better. Enduring ABC books will have bold illustrations to accompany each letter and not much else. If a book succeeds, it will serve as a beginning point to get child and parent talking and looking at the page together. Here are two newish books to consider.

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A Child's Day: An Alphabet of Play is a gorgeous book from Ida Peale. Any design nut will adore this book that is packed with cut-outs and tons of deep colors. The New York artist makes collage narratives and the book focused on things kids love to do, such as jump rope. The pictures are playful and and sophisticated at the same time. If you love her style, there's good news, Ida also creates custom name prints--lovely room decor.

Curious George's ABCs has our little friend George discovering the alphabet with his friends. Parents will recognize the inquisitive little monkey right away. This nostalgic book turns the letters into buildings, people and things. It's a fun way to start a conversation about words and letters with your little one. The illustrations are by beloved illustrator H.A.Rey. and what child can resist a plucky monkey! For free online George games and activities, visit the HoughtonMifflin site here.

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