Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review


When you have a hungry kid who wants a treat, the microwave can even seem too slow at times. Since it'??s spring time and outdoor fun in the sun is on the horizon, popsicles had better be in your freezer. Don'??t have any on hand? Prepare for a frosty glare.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker creates tasty frozen treats in as little as seven minutes. Just keep the base in the freezer and you can have popsicles in an instant--juice or yogurt. For a special surprise, pop in fruit slices, candy and nuts. You can even make grownup delights for yourself. Think margarita pops--perhaps for a little Cinco De Mayo celebration? And you thought popsicles were just for kids.

Although they're quick on the draw, we try and stay away from those prepackaged popsicles. Mostly because we're pretty sure that Neon Razzmataz isn'??t a real fruit flavor. And we like to keep it real. So these offer a great homemade alternative that's just as fast from freezer to face.

Insert sticks into the pop maker molds and pour in whatever your pleasure up to the fill line. Watch them freeze right on your countertop'??without electricity. Then remove the pops with the Super Tool and enjoy. They even come with drip trays for each pop, so a snack doesn't become a stain.

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is available at Brookstone for $49.95 or Amazon for $49.99. Now if you can just keep your kids occupied for those seven minutes.

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