Swedish Chic for City Kids


When I was a kid growing-up in 1970s Virginia, my prized possession was a satin jacket with an embroidered roller skate on the front pocket. I had mostly forgotten about my beloved coat until a few days ago when my mother brought a gift over for my five-year-old daughter. "Watch out," she warned her granddaughter as she gave her the Babesta shopping bag, "your mother might try and steal it."

Inside the bag was a satin jacket suitable for the 21st century. Made by the Swedish brand Shampoodle, they describe it as a shiny satin interpretation of a Japanese baseball jacket... withdecorative Swedish folklore embroidery on breast, back and sleeves. It was truly a thing of beauty, and my daughter has been wearing it non-stop.


I went online to see what else Shampoodle carried , and found a wide-range of comfortable, stylish clothes designed with the company belief in mind that "age, size and sex are not a concern," as long as the clothes are "childishly comfortable." A few favorites, the Bollywood pants:

bollywood pants shampoodle

and the Vicious Tunic and Pants:


Shampoodle uses certified organic cottons, and are proud to be a socially aware company, which as they put it "was not a decision, but a given."

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