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Attending conferences is a great way you get inspired. Be it from business tips or life tips. One of the most memorable sessions I attended involved little to do with blogging and lots to do with living. Pepsi and the WIN Network brought in Sarah Brokaw for their special '??sofa summit'? Sarah has a new book out'??Fortytude--all about turning 40 (which happened for me last December).


Sarah is a licensed therapist with a private practice in Beverly Hills, California where she specializes in relational dynamics. As Sarah approached 40 she said she was, '??Feeling like there is an expiration date.'? The author and therapist was facing a High School 20th year reunion. As an unmarried woman with no children, she felt she could'??t '??show up empty-handed.'? Sarah chose not to go. This was a seminal moment in her life and she used the experience and the feelings of being less than to start a movement.

Sarah'??s set a goal to help women move forward with confidence. She sought out women from across the country that were aging with grace and confidence and aimed to find out the secret.After interviewing 350 women for her research project, Sarah discovered that the same five values kept popping up again and again. The book is all about battling feelings of irrelevance due to age.

She defines five core values for women (note: the author clarified that women are to define these terms in their own words).

'?¢ Connectednes

'?¢ Accomplishment

'?¢ Adventure

'?¢ Spirituality

'?¢ Grace

Overall I loved the concept that Sarah kept driving home--don'??t let fear dictate your decisions. The author encourages women to '??turn a crisis moment to a sparkling moment.'? by satisfaction in their success.

Here are a few other goals I wrote down:

  1. Don'??t be fearful of the aging process.
  2. Don'??t let your profession dictate who you are.
  3. Face life with curiosity and confidence.

And I loved Sarah'??s candor. She took action to alleviate some of her fears. At age 37, she froze her eggs, realizing as she says, '??Yes we have a biological clock and we can'??t trick it!'? Sarah Robb O'Hagan did a great job as the interviewer and the event was excellent. Fortytude is available on Amazon here.

For more inforamtion about the book visit and for more information about the WIn network visit

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