Mommy Time Monday: The Martha Stewart Show

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Think Pink! Martha certainly was. I joined my blogging pal Vera (I'm Not Obsessed Mommy) for an afternoon at the Martha Stewart Show. The audience was decked out in pink clothing and we were treated to day of color, fun and fashion.

It was fascinating to see Martha in action coordinating segments on cooking, floral arrangements, crafts and more with precision and humor.

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Martha and Lisa Kudrow whipped up a rhubarb and raspberry sorbet (we didn't get to taste it). Lisa had such a dry, zesty sense of wit--loved watching the reparte. Then we learned that pink is the HOT color for weddings, showers and parties. I drooled over the table piled high with peonies and roses.

Next we were treated to a fashion show by Liz Lange (fashion maven with two lines Liz Lange Maternity for Target and Completely Me Ready to Wear for the non-pregnant crowd) and her sister Jane. The duo shared their top pink picks for spring and announced the launch of their new blog Shopafrolic.

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Vera and I got to sneak backstage after the show. We saw all of Martha's Emmy awards and were able to get a two minutes with Liz and Jane. The fashion-savvy blogging sisters will provide daily fashion picks at Shopafrolic. Jane says, "We love the hunt," referring to finding fashion treasures. The ladies consider it a "public service" to provide fashion advice for women who don't have limitless budgets. To read more about their new Shopafrolic, check out Vera's post here.

Want to attend a Martha Stewart Show when you are in NYC? 

Go here for information on getting tickets.

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