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Fact: We all have to feed our kids.
Fact: Kids break anything breakable.
Fact: Most kiddie dinnerware is hideous.

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Wait that last one is FICTION. I've got two great solutions to brighten up the dinner table. I love gifts that can accomplish two tasks at once.

My Clean Plate Club offers amazing personalized designs on their 10" melamine plates (and they are BPA-free so don't worry about chemicals seeping into the food). For boys I love the Rugby in blue and brown. And how about the Sweat Pea for your little girl? All plates are durable and dishwasher safe, but not for microwave use. $22 for one.
Order now--it takes about 2 weeks from placing the order to get this to your home!

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Save 15% off your My Clean Plate website with the code TRYME2008

I've long been a fan of French Bull they design housewares for design snobs (yep, that's me--even when I can't afford it). French Bull Kid's Monster Plates Set in Melamine is a ideal set to keep the whining down when the greens hit the table. The 8" diameter is just right for smaller appetites. 4 for $28. For babies, I'm touting the Baby Compartment Tray. It comes with a lid and spoon that slots into the tray--perfect for Thanksgiving on the road! $23.99

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