Here's to New Moms!


It's been fun celebrating new moms! And I'm excited to share that there are more reasons than ever to log onto Momtrends over the next few months.

November's Gift Guide will review and offer great ideas for busy parents. Stylish and thoughtful, my selections will cover a wide range of gifts and budgets. Remember Hanukkah falls early this year (December 4-12), so it's not too early to start shopping. There's also an exciting giveaway with author Mo Willems (more on that soon).

December 25 Days of Gifts. Yep, that's right. We're offering 25 amazing gift ideas. That is unless I go into labor before my New Year's Eve new date.

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On a final note, here's the news on a few last goodies before we launch into gift mode:

Funmade Bath Art: I love these non-slip bath appliques. Not only do they make bath time a little safer for wet and wild toddlers, they're adorable. The monkey pattern is my favorite, but you may like one of the other 40 designs. 10 per pack $9.99.

And finally the Pee Pee Teepee. I have yet to experience the joy of changing a little boy, but I understand it can be tricky. That's why this cone-shaped cloth product is a genius idea. Simply place the cone over the little dude's equipment and avoid any surprise showers. $14/set of 5.

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