Healthy Child Party Program

Healthy Child Healthy World

Want to party for children’s health? Interested to help raise awareness in your community about how to keep kids healthier and safer?

Please join us in supporting Healthy Child Healthy World’s Healthy Child Party Program! This educational initiative was created by Healthy Child Healthy World to help parents share and learn how to create a healthier home for children using the resources included in the Healthy Child Party Kit.

The kit is filled with fun & educational materials, their special–edition “Wake Up Story” DVD and plenty of healthy & safe product samples. These educational materials help hosts learn simple, tips & easy steps they can take to create a healthier home, school or workplace! It just takes a few minutes to sign-up and only costs $25, which goes toward helping to cover shipping and handling costs.

Through this platform you can start this conversation, to educate friends, family and co-workers about protecting children from harmful chemicals.

Why is it so important to raise awareness about the chemicals threatening kid’s health?

There are more than 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the US and none of them have been tested for children’s safety. Children are born with more than 200 chemicals in their bodies and they ingest potentially harmful chemicals every day.

But you can make a difference. By pledging to host, you become a part of May’s month-long celebration during which people will gather at kitchen tables, parks, offices and schools nationwide to discuss solutions for children’s health.

To sign up to host, click here.

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We are proud to support Healthy Child Healthy World

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