Happy Easter & Paas Egg Decorating Contest

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Good messy fun. That was our afternoon of egg dying with the Paas kits sent over for us to test. Anything involving dye and a pair of kids under the age of 5 is bound to be interesting. I'm thrilled that not much has changed about the Paas kits since I was a tot.
They still have the punch-out drying section on the box, the wire dipper, the paper egg stands, the little color tablets that disolve...But they've added a few new tricks--neon dyes, stickers and wax crayons. Paas has quite an elaborate assortment.

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All in we had a great day and ended up with a 11 winners (after seven broken eggs that I turned into egg salad). I'm sure there are some crafty mamas online, so I want to make sure you know about the Paas Decorating Contest. Enter the handiwork of your kids (ages 3-13) and they could win a huge prize pack from Paas. Contest ends 4/18. For details go here.

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Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

Paas did not pay for this post, nor did the Easter Bunny. And in no way do we mean to neglect our readers who don't celebrate Easter. More fashion fun to come soon.

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