Gold Nanny Group: A Easy Way to Help You Find a Nanny


Searching for a nanny or a childcare provider in NYC can be daunting. There are ads to write, interviews to conduct, references to check, trial runs, and hopefully through all of that you will find the best nanny for you and your family.

I recently learned how to streamline this intricate screening process with the help of the Gold Nanny Group, a customized nanny-matching agency that also offers parental support, nanny training, a mediation program and a child care search. As a nanny-matching agency, the Gold Nanny Group has an extremely complex screening process where nannies must first meet with a screener and then with a recruiter. If a nanny passes those two interviews, then the company will check their references. Those that don’t have any problems will then meet with Tammy Gold, founder of the Gold Nanny Group. Due to this extensive process, Tammy states that only 1 out of every 10 nannies make it to the end.

Tammy Gold, Founder

Tammy Gold, Founder

Nannies that do make it to the end are then trained and prepped for a specific family that they will be interviewing with. Since the company is not a nanny agency or a nanny reference group they operate as a neutral party. Tammy added, “We are a completely neutral to both the nanny and the family. The family confides in us and we help to guide them through what they want and the pros and cons of each nanny.”

Nanny Gold Group also offers numerous services and classes to help families locate a nanny. They recommend that parents start slow, take their time when looking for a nanny and do a family needs assessment profile with the company. Through this session the company can learn about the needs of the parents and their children in order to help them understand what they need and don’t want in a nanny. This includes a discussion about days/hours need, salary, house rules, duties, etc. After this meeting, parents can then find their nanny through the site and use Nanny Gold Group for hourly services – should they need them. They can also have the company find the nanny for them. Throughout the process parents can also

Overall, the company has very high retention numbers because they encourage an in-depth approach to interviews and trial runs – in order to cover as many issues and concerns as possible. Tammy added, “the nanny is going to be in your home with your child and parents need to take time and get the guidance to make the right choice.”

With a comprehensive screening process and intricate services and classes you can be sure that you will be matched with the best qualified nanny when working with the Gold Nanny Group.

Gold Nanny Group is a division of Gold Parent Coaching. For additional information, please visit:

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