Friday Food: Jennie Garth Talks Food with Momtrends

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Eat your veggies! Easier said than done. It's nice to get help from outside sources like actress Jennie Garth. I grew up with "Kelly" on 90210. Now Jennie is the mom of three and dealing with the same challenges we all do--getting kids to touch the vegetables on their plates. I met Jennie thanks to a blogging event put on by Hidden Valley called "Love Your Veggies" in NYC's Grand Central Station.

Jennie Garth is currently starring in the Webisode series '??Garden Party'? sponsored by Hidden Valley Salad Dressing. At this appearance, Jennie helped fourth and fifth grade students from Brooklyn'??s PS 58, and the Bronx'??s PS 196 and PS 230 prepare veggie recipes and to learn about the importance of incorporating vegetables for a well-balanced diet. The kids made happy faces from bagels spread with a combo of ranch dressing and cream cheese. The actress rolled up her sleeves and jumped into the fun. Afterwards, she fielded questions from a group of mom bloggers.

Food is an important part of Jennie's life. They stick to a nightly ritual of a sit-down dinner. She even skype's in her husband (actor Peter Facinelli) if he is on location. I asked Jennie about getting my kids to eat the veggies I pack in school lunches (they always seem to be what comes back home). Her advice was to stick with it and skip the sugary stuff (got it!).

She's got three girls and stresses the importance of being fit and healthy. "Diet and fat are not words I use," said Jennie. Instead this mom has tried to empower her three girls to make good decisions. "I have been teaching them the importance of taking care of themselves," she said.

She's got a zero-tolerance junk food policy--"We just don't keep it in the house." What a joy to find a celeb mom that is educated and involved--nice work Hidden Valley.

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Here is the official "Bagel Smile" Recipe
* Whole wheat bagels
* ¼ cup Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing
* ¼ cup whipped cream cheese
* Various vegetables

Directions: Split bagels in half (Momtrends picks whole wheat bagels!); lightly toast. Mix dressing and cream cheese in small bowl; spread even amounts of mixture over each bagel half. Use imagination to assemble faces. For more veggie snack ideas, head to Hidden Valley's recipe page here. And I just had to share a picture of the ranch dressing fountain--I doubt I'll ever see the likes of this again!

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What food stories or recipes do you want to share this week?

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