Flensted Mobiles--Better than Bunnies

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In Denmark mobiles are a traditional craft. Artist Ole Flensted and his wife Aase are partly responsible for the modern mobile design. And I can't thank them enough. It's not that I have something against rotating bunnies and bears, but why not put something more unusual in the nursery to spark your child's imagination ?

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Most of the Flensted mobiles are meant for adults, but there are fantastic offerings for kids. Standouts from the new "Click-A-Mobile" line include the butterflies and the aeromobile (planes) $35 each. With this preassembled line parents need only click the elements together and hang from the string--a snap. In addition to the new mobiles, perennial favs can be found in the classic line, including the Penguin Talk and Sheep Mobile (also $35 each).

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