Fitness Classes: A Group Interval Training Studio


A new group interval training studio, AS ONE, is offering a fantastic series of classes that doesn't require a huge commitment. It is only recommended for twice-a-week - making it ideal for moms who want an effective workout but don't have the time to commit to a daily program.

AS ONE is set apart from its competitors by combining strength, endurance, and flexibility skills, the programs utilize non-conventional apparatuses (e.g., ropes, sandbags, etc.) to maximize results. There is a community element to the classes; however, they are small enough that you feel as though you are getting private personal training, and every participant works to their maximum ability. This is not bootcamp, but it does get results like bootcamp!

Created by George Vafiades (Ironman; US Triathlon Level 1) and Mark Merchant (founder of ALTA Physical Therapy), together they utilize their experiences in therapeutic and fitness training, competitive sports, triathlons, one-to-one, and group fitness coaching, to allow clients to discover intensity and change personal limits.

Program Details:
· Twice-per-week program, both days complementing each other
· Workout routines constantly change to avoid plateaus
· Five class times are offered Monday through Thursday, with two+ class times Friday and Saturday
· Convenient online sign-up
· NEW AS ONE Yoga offered on Saturday mornings
· A full spectrum training protocol is delivered during each class, incorporating a warm-up, work-set, corrective exercise, SMR, and a cool-down stretching period

AS ONE Classes
Classes offered at 6:15AM, 7:30AM, and 8:45AM
1841 Broadway, Suite #713
at Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023
To schedule a class, please visit:

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