Fit Mom Profile: Lisa Druxman

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"I don't have the time" or "I can't afford childcare" --forget about these excuses. Thanks to Lisa Druxman and Stroller Strides, moms bring baby to the workout and leave the excuses at home. Lisa is the mom entrepreneur behind the Stroller Strides franchise (offering prenatal fitness and postnatal fitness classes across the country). Her body is part of her business. Let's find out how she stays toned and fit.

Lisa is 39 and the proud mama of two kids. She's made her life's work staying fit and helping other moms do the same. Druxman is based in California and earned her Master's degree at San Diego State University in psychology with an emphasis in exercise adherence and weight control. In addition to managing her business Lisa also wrote Lean Mommy. Need more motivation? Follow along with Lisa's Stroller Strides blog here.

Fitness goal for 2010: Stronger, Faster, Fitter - Run my first marathon

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I like working out: BOTH

a.) alone

b.) with groups

You can find me: A AND B

a.) at the gym

b.) on the mountain

c.) in front of my favorite DVD

d.) with my wii

My favorite time of the day to workout:EARLY MORNING

My sneaky fitness trick:Do a set of push ups and crunches every night before you go to bed.

Why I workout: Energy, Attitude, Strength, Health.

Favorite fitness brand (shoe, apparel, etc.): lululemon

I'd like to try a marathon this year to keep my routine fresh.

Best workout song ever: Pump It (Black Eyed Peas)

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A typical week's worth of workouts looks like: 
Monday - Teach
Tue- Run
Wed - Teach
Thur - Run
Friday - Workout with my trainer
Saturday - Stair workout with friend
Sunday - REST

I stay motivated by: Goal setting, measuring progress and working out with inspiring friends!

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