Exerblast: A Fun Indoor Obstacle Course for the Whole Family


Tired of sitting at a play gym while your kids have all the fun? Escape to Botania, a far away planet in Tribeca’s newest family adventure center, Exerblast. Unlike other play gyms, Exerblastgets the whole family involved with fun and interactive activities.


My family and I recently visited Exerblast where we were guided through a two-story indoor course with climbing and ground obstacles that test your agility, strength and coordination. Your movement or Xi Energy, as they refer to it in Botania, is calculated on an energy belt that you wear around your waist. My six year old daughter was obsessed with obtaining the most points (energy) while my son, aged 3, thought he was superman with the belt on.


My husband and I felt like kids again and we all thoroughly enjoyed the family time. The peaceful yoga room outfitted with ergonomically designed structures to aid in stretching was my favorite room – very relaxing. The experience takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and reservations are recommended. Drop-in fee is $25.00 per person.

DISCLOSURE: Momtrends was not paid for this post. We received a complimentary blast (and that it was!)

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