Cool Nursery Seating

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Even the most energetic kids run out of steam. When designing your nursery, keep in mind that your little one will want a spot to chill out with a toy or a book for some down time.

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Seating doesn't have to be boring or drab. Consider Bobles a Danish brand full of color and whimsy. Constructed out of EVA foam, a Boble is part toy, part seating. There are a variety of animals in the line to inspire your child's imagination. I like the elephant ($118 at ModernMini) an ideal playmate for a rainy day.

My second pick is the Silly Soft Seating from P'Kolino. Kids love these critters: Iggy, Pipa, Kiko (red pictured animal) and Tias. Pick one of four monsters/animals to keep your kid company. This ingenious furniture can be configured in a variety of ways--table, chair, or chaise lounge. Made of high-density foam, this seating will stand up to constant abuse and never look worse for the wear. $58.85

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