Composting Trends

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No, Momtrends hasn't been invaded by aliens. This is the latest in composting technology. The Ecomposter ($349.99) is a rolling ball of composting fun. According to the company, yard and food waste make up 30% of the trash in the US. Imagine if you could re-use this waste to fertilize your garden.

What can you compost? How about pet hair, Post-it notes, pine needles, potato peels and paper towels--and that is just the p's we can think of. Go here for a list of 163 items. Your kids can collect all the debris and load it up.

How does composting happen? Microbes (worms, bacteria or other critters) eat up our waste. These critters need air, water, food and heat to do their dirty work. Once the system is set up and filled it is either rolled in the ground or on the base to get things going (good clean family fun). The compost then goes back to work in your yard or garden as an alternative to mulch or pot soil. Sounds like an interesting summer project. Are you game?

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