Celebrating 90 Years of Style with Kleenex

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A few days ago we were in Grand Central helping Kleenex celebrate 90 Years of Style, along with the the launch of their gorgeous new tissue boxes that were designed by celebrity designer Issac Mizrahi.

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Featuring prints and florals such as Rose Red, Animal Geometry and more, the brand is saluting the mantra "find it, flaunt it and live it" with the idea that your tissue style doesn't have to be far off from your personal style.

Kleenex "Find Your Style" Isaac Mizrahi Design Reveal Event

We love these current prints for spring where four of them were designed by acclaimed designer Issac Mizarahi.

Kleenex Style
Kleenex Style
Kleenex Style

Held at Grand Central Station, Vanderbilt Hall was transformed into a tissue emporium complete with a giant tissue box where passerby's could change the display by picking their favorite tissue style from an adjacent computer. It was really fun to play with this and see all of the different tissue box possibilities - as a way to showcase your personal design and style in your bag to the tissues that you display in your home. This was also a part of a contest that they ran during the day where people could tweet a photo with #KleenexStyle for the chance to win a $500 shopping spree.

Kleenex Style

You can also discover your own Kleenex style by visiting https://www.kleenex.com/style/ and visiting them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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