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How to Get Your Bathroom Ready for a Party

We all know how hectic things can get when we're getting ready to host a party... Am I right? We race around making sure everything is spick and span, decorate a bit, and then we spend the bulk of our time in the kitchen whipping up a tasty appetizer spread and bar setup. I mean what's a party without bevs and apps? That being said, as important as it is for everything to look and taste just so, do you focus on all the rooms your guests may visit? Let's get real for a umoment and talk about how to get your bathroom ready for a party! I know I'm not the only one planning a get together for the big game and being that there will be people milling about the house for hours, it stands to reason that most of them will pay a visit to the bathroom a time or two. Haha!

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How to Get your Bathroom Ready for a Party

Now when you think about bathroom must haves, what comes to mind? Toilet paper is a given. But you want to get the right kind of toilet paper. If you're having a large crowd over, you don't want the possibility of running out of TP to be in play. Luckily the Charmin Extra Strong Roll is around to save the day. One Charmin Mega Roll is equal to 4 regular size rolls. That should get you through a party and then some. Bwah! And this powerhouse toilet paper is 4 times stronger when it's wet than the leading brand. We're talking high tech security people. Just sayin'.

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Don't Forget About the Details

And I know I said we were getting real before, but it's about to get REALLY real. What about the smell? You don't want anyone smelling anything but those delicious hot wings you're serving. So, do yourself a favor and pick up some Febreze. Not only do I decorate my bathroom as much as I do the rest of the house, but I also like to leave a basket on the sink filled with odds and ends, like Febreze, that will help put my guests at ease. You won't have to worry about any unpleasant odors infiltrating your party, and it will give your guests some comfort too. Nobody wants to be the one who made the bathroom, wait for it, stinky. I know, I know...It's not the sexiest topic, but it's real life people. If you're going to be a hostess with the mostess, you have to think about every last detail, including how to get your bathroom ready for a party!


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