Slip-On Dancers Review

Slip-On Dancers Review

Can you dance in your running shoe...that's what we ponder in this Slip-On Dancers review. Dancing is a great way to burn off those holiday calories: it's fun, easy, and you can customize your workout according to music. Most of the time, you don't even need to wear anything special, just your dancing shoes. However, we are all tempted by accessories. But buyer beware: this is NOT something you need to add to your wardrobe.

I've been taking dance classes since I was a little kid, and I will always love getting new leotards, warm-ups, and most of all shoes. Nowadays there are a bevy of products available to not only provide function, but chic and sophisticated style.

Slip-On Dancers Review

Since the work-out dance craze is sweeping the nation with the likes of Dancing With The Stars and Zumba, people everywhere are starting to take more and more dance/dance-based classes.When the Slip-Ons first caught my eye, I thought that it was a super way for anyone (who didn't want to splurge on Capezios) to get the effects of a real dance shoe without purchasing new ones. They're basically a thick rubber band with a ribbon front that fit right over your sneakers. The purpose is to eliminate traction to make your steps smooth and fluid. I admit, they do look cute with their fun designs.

Good in theory, but not in actuality.

I took the Slip-Ons, my Adidas, and my jazz pants over to a class at Broadway Dance Center here in NYC. (Thankfully, I had my real jazz shoes with me...this could have otherwise been a disaster) I got some curious looks as people in the class started questioning my little bands. I explained their purpose with a sparkling smile and waited to see the reactions from the skeptics. Sure enough, a few were turned off, some were intrigued, but most didn't show any obvious signs of dance-attire-snobbery. The 1 hour and 20 minute class began and halfway through, there was a loud SLAP! My right Slip-Ons had snapped in half. I saw some people snickering but luckily I had my real shoes and was able to complete the class, head held not quite as high as before.

Word to the wise: cute is not always practical. These bands were a good thought, but we advise to either wear your sneakers, socks, or spring for the real thing.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive Slip-Ons.
We're glad we were prepared for their failure.

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