Public School vs. Private School Panel Discussion Event

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Decisions for fall admissions are being made as I type this. For many parents, there are a million unknowns about the best route to take in NYC. New York Family Magazine is putting together an evening on March 16th to answer your burning questions and provide direction. To help parents fully understand their public and private options in the city, they’ve put together a true DREAM TEAM of education and admissions experts to help you suss out the possibilities for your family.

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It’s the perfect panel for parents with young children—whether you’re applying this fall for kindergarten spots next year, or whether you just want to look ahead and better understand your options.

The panelists will provide essential information, and share their perspectives on such topics as:

* Public School: timelines, G & T (Gifted & Talented) policies, school tours and other research, the best local schools and districts, and overcrowding and available space.

* Private School Topics: timelines, ERB tests, school tours and other research, applications, interviews, priority lists and finding the right fit, and the money factor.

Panelists include: Clara Hemphill (New York City's Best Elementary Schools: A Parent's Guide),
Roxanna Reid (Founder of Smart City Kids --an admissions consulting firm), Gabriella Rowe (Mandell School).

Public School vs. Private School Panel Discussion Event

Tuesday, March 16th

6PM - 8PM

Mandell School


Anyone who pre-registers is automatically entered into a raffle for tickets to the Gazillion Bubble show. Tickets $35each or $60 for a pair when pre-registered. $40 at the door.

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