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Have a reluctant reader? One of my favorite new ways to get my kids excited about books is with StoryBots. StoryBots is an online and app-based resource that uses technology that combine fun and learning to encourage kids to get into books.

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StoryBots was started by two brothers - Evan and Gregg Spiridellis - who also created (which if you've never checked out and made a video with your friends' heads on can-can-ers or chipendale-ers, you need to do right after you finish reading this post.) My favorite part of StoryBots are the StarringYou videos and books. The concept is simple. Your kids will be more engaged in a story when their head is on the main character. Or their sister's head. Or your head. Unlike a printed book, the StoryBot app and website allow you to easily and quickly read a variety of styles and topics of books on your computer, iPhone or iPad, all starring your child. Here's how it works.

Create a free StoryBot account. Simple, free and takes seconds. Or sign up for an “All-Access Family Pass” that gives you unlimited access to all StoryBot's premium content including 7 apps, featuring 25 books, 54 videos, 10 songs and 124 activity sheets, all for only $4.99 a month, with new content added every month.

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Take a picture of your kid (or you!) You can also upload a photo or use a photo from Facebook.

Upload it to StoryBots. You can also adjust the size and tilt of your photo if needed plus fill in your name and gender. Don't I look good in green?

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Choose your story. Dozens of videos and stories to choose from with a new ones added each month!


Watch, learn and enjoy! You can watch videos of your children's favorite songs online or create personalized books or movies on the iPhone or iPad apps. Want to see me in Row Your Boat or a fun song about circles? Or how about as a princess or on safari?

Your kids will flip when they get to see themselves going on adventures, doing silly dances and singing along to their favorite nursery rhymes. Visit StoryBots to sign up today!

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