Aristotle Circle: NYC's High End Educational Consultants


Want the real scoop on a private school? Aristotle Circle may be the answer. Suzanne Rheault, Aristotle Circle CEO and Founder, has connections with experts at the schools you've been drooling over. From Pre-K to Dartmouth, Suzanne's got a go-to resource for you, the parent with burning questions.

Why would a parent shell out hundreds of dollars to get an opinion? According to Suzanne, because these opinions are based in fact and can lead you to a perfect educational match. Here's how it works. Set up a consultation with Aristotle to assess your needs. Then let Suzanne work her connections. She'll set you up with a potential expert/mentor/guide. The Aristotle Experts work mostly anonymously (that's how she gets such juicy contacts) and give you the ins and outs of applications, wait lists and more.

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I had to swear not to reveal her Experts, but I was indeed impressed with the credentials. She's nabbed some heavy hitters. So if you absolutely MUST get your child into Horace Mann, this may be perfect for you. Experts fees start at $150 per hour with a two hour minimum.

Oh, and don't forget about the ERB tests. Aristotle Circle offers a Pre-K & Kindergarten Standardized Test Practice (aka ERB*) workbook for $500. For more information, visit

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