Going Green with Kids

Going Green with Kids

Being green used to be something that you would learn in school around Earth Day. I remember when I first learned about turning off the lights and running water. As a child, I couldn't believe how much we were wasting. That's why I'm sharing my "Going Green with Kids" tips.

For my children, being green is a part of our everyday life. Even my two year old asks, "Garbage or recycle?". That makes me proud. If a two-year-old can separate paper and plastic, I think adults can do the same.

Shutting off the lights has become a bit of a contest in my house. My mom used to say, "You have your house lit up like Luna Park." Now my girls see who can turn off the lights first.

Going green also helps me with the laundry. While down in the basement, they each help me unload the washing machine and we "shake, shake, shake" out the wrinkles before putting clothes on a drying rack. Even though we also use a dryer, I think they are getting the idea that clothes can air dry.

The final lesson that the girls and I work on together is making lunch together where everyone helps. We use our reusable sandwich bags to store sandwiches and snacks. While the food items are being prepared, one of my girls will fill up our water bottles. At first, the girls wanted to know why I didn't just buy water. We try to skip the bottled water to help do our part.

I think the most important words about going green are "we try." It doesn't mean we never buy bottled water or use a plastic bag. Instead, we try to do our best when we can. I'm sure as time goes on and I get older, my girls will continue to amaze me with lessons on being green.

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