Green Garmento: Reusable 4-in-1 Bag Has Many Uses


Have you ever wondered if there was a better - and greener way - to pick-up your dry cleaning besides using all those single-use plastic bags? I don't like dry cleaning to begin with--I'm more of a wash and wear girl, but when I HAVE to do dry cleaning, I want a green choice.

Now there is with The Green Garmento, a re-usable bag with an opening for a hanger that can be used to transport your clothes to and from the dry cleaner.

I found The Green Garmento to be a well-made and handy product, but to be honest I don't see myself having the conversation with my local dry cleaner that would be necessary in order to be allowed to use my own recyclable bag instead of their usual, albeit less earth-friendly, plastic bags.

But for those of you with accommodating dry cleaners, The Green Garmento is a great idea for going green. And there are over 700 dry cleaners currently using The Green Garmento.

green garmento

The Green Garmento is not only for dry cleaning. It's a 4-in-1 bag which can also be used as a laundry hamper, a duffel bag or a carrying bag. And, as The Green Garmento can be folded-up into a compact size, it's perfect for packing inside another suitcase when you're going on a trip.

To learn more, visit The Green Garmento online, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, @GreenGarmento.

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