Update Your Kid's Room with Murals Wallpaper

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Are you redoing your child's room and feel like something's still missing in it? Perhaps their existing space could just use a little pick me up? Well, I have the solution to your decorating dilemmas. Murals Wallpaper offers wallpaper murals that come in a slew of categories from cityscapes to cartoons. With them, you can make a big impact kind of change without the commitment that comes with traditional wallpaper because they have a self adhesive option that can be easily removed. And that was just the kind of change I was looking for recently in my son's room...

When our lil' lady bean came along almost three years ago, we gave our lil' dude his first big boy room. It's a darling dinosaur theme that, at six years old, he still loves, but like any space you've lived with for a while, I felt like a revamp was in order. I wasn't looking to completely overhaul the space as we'll most likely be moving in the next year and will probably be redoing his room entirely at that time, but I wanted to make a few small changes so the space felt fresh.

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Enter Murals Wallpaper...I selected their "Cartoon Godzilla" wallpaper mural and it couldn't be any cuter. I know it's technically Godzilla, but it totally meshes with the rest of the room's color scheme...and those little guys kind of look like dinosaurs no? That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Haha!

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Let's talk about the installation process. It's very easy, providing you follow the instructions, so I suggest you check out the "how to install" section on their website. There is a very useful video that should help you put up your own mural in no time flat! It took both the hubs and I to put it up, hence there being no "in process" photos, but trust me when I say, you can do it too! An don't worry... if you make a mistake, the self adhesive sticks up and peels off up to 100 times with no residue, so you'll be able to fix those oopsies with no problem! Happy decorating lovelies!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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