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Cool Ways to Organize your Kids Clothes and Toys

If only children understood that putting their toys and clothes into a designated space instead of dropping them on the floor would make life so much easier for their parents.

Teaching children early to be responsible for correctly storing their toys and clothes helps them become tidy and organized individuals as they grow older. Creating and implementing fun and colorful storage solutions may give them more incentive to keep their spaces neat and clean.

Here are some super cool ways to help your children keep their clothes and toys well organized.

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Upcycle Action Figures Into Hooks

Have any action figures lying around that aren't getting any more love? Attach figures to the wall with a screw through the torso and apply a two part epoxy to the arms and legs to make them strong enough to withstand hanging items. Use these to hold hats, jackets and other items. Be sure to put them low so that they can be used by smaller children.


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Curtain Rod Dress Up/Doll Clothes Storage

A mass of princess dresses and doll clothes can cause quite the mess in a child's room. This clever storage option that uses a curtain rod to keep these things tidy, and in reach is genius.


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Stackable Bin Card and Game Storage

Games that have pieces and cards are likely to be no good after the box has been stepped on or lost its shape. This is a great fix for storing card games and other smaller pieces that belong to board games. Use the cardboard label that came with the game as the label on the stacking bin as well.


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Hanging Toy and Game Storage

Repurpose closet sweater storage hangers into toy or game storage. This would be great in a hall closet or closet near the living room for easy access during family time.


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Outfit Organization

One major way to save time during the week is to iron and assign clothing for the week. These labeled cardboard circles with CD labels affixed to them make it easy for older children to know what they are to wear to school daily.


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 Do you have any favorite ways to organize your kid's stuff?

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