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Earlier this week T.J. Maxx kicked off the "Maxx Kids Art Contest" to support organizations that aim to help children reach their full potential, such as Save the Children. T.J. Maxx will select 25 winners and may use winning pieces of art on pieces sold at stores to benefit the charities. And, of course, winning mini artists will also receive a $250 Savings Bond.

This year's theme is "What is your favorite thing in the whole world?" and entering is easy. Just head over to www.tjmaxx.com/artcontest and download the entry form. Kids draw their entry and submit at local T.J. Maxx stores until July 11. Coinciding with the Maxx Kids Art Contest, a reusable bag featuring children's artwork will be available in-stores for $.99 with proceeds benefiting Save the Children's literacy, nutrition and physical activity programs.

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"We're excited to launch the 'Maxx Kids Art Contest' because it's a chance for kids to have fun while helping other kids in need," said Rebecca Leonard, spokesperson for T.J.Maxx.

Both my big kids were excited to participate - even before I told them there were prizes involved. Once I mentioned the $250 Savings Bond, my daughter started rattling off how she would spend her winnings. Nevermind that's not how Savings Bonds work. #details

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My daughter loves to draw and doodle and write love notes to everyone in her family. But, she said her favorite thing was "adventures with my family". All our traveling and dragging them around the world is not for nothing! She drew us with There eher favorite roller coaster at DisneySea in Tokyo (the roller coaster is the swirly snake-looking thing at the top). And, of course, there's a big old sun because she is pretty much sunshine.

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There is no explanation, however, for my blond mullet. Or my lack of arms?

I'll admit I was a little nervous about handing over the entry form with such an open-ended question. I fully expected my 8 year old to draw something about Minecraft or to wax poetic about his iPad. Much to my (pleasant) surprise he immediately answered "My family". When I asked him "Why?", he said, "Because I LOVE YOU!" {cue heart melting}

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He's never been the most artistic, but his very analytic approach to all the things is reflected in separating the family into "parents" and "kids" and, of course, labeling as such. Not sure why I'm bald or why my husband and I are wearing matching clothes. But, hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Visit the Maxx Kids Art Contest online now to download your entry form. All entries must be received by July 11 and kids must be under 14 years old to participate. If nothing else, it's a really sweet summer activity to encourage your kids to think about what they truly value and love the most.

We partnered with T.J. Maxx to share this contest. As always, all opinions are our own.

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