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Style: Fashionable (and Affordable!) Athletic Apparel

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Aside from the plain-as-day, obvious reasons that we should all be incorporating physical fitness into our daily routine, I now have a little added bonus incentive for you to get your fit on and head outside or to the gym for a little sweat session.

Athletic apparel has become just as much of a staple in my weekly wardrobe as the basic jeans and t-shirt combo. C'mon ladies, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who loves to toss on a pair of yoga pants and a hoodie even when my daily schedule has no room for any working out, what-so-ever. The fact is we can now grab our favorite gym clothes, no matter what the occasion, and head out and about looking great. Of course - we would love for you to actually get your heart rate up while wearing them, but if you're hesitant to invest a little bit in clothes that you assume are designed just for the gym, know that you'll probably find yourself wearing them more often than your regular clothes. Hey, comfort is hard to resist!

And now, because yoga-inspired workout clothes have become so popular lately, you're going to find tons of places that selling their own lines. It's awesome! But, it can be a tad overwhelming, I know. While I can't deny my love for Lululemon, I also can't deny the pretty penny that comes along with their high-end collection. I do have just a few staple pieces here and there but when it comes to grabbing new things as often as possible, I tend to go for the much more affordable stores.

Today, I'm sharing gym clothes that I love from stores and brands that offer quality workout apparel at prices that won't break the bank. Win, win, WIN! So, let's shop, shall we?!

First stop - Athleta and Zappos. Athleta can run a little bit higher in cost but their product is well worth the cost. You can always hold out for promo codes, too! These pieces will last as long as you care and wash them properly and again - these beauties are fit for both in and out of the gym. Zappos continues to offer a wide variety of sizes, brands, and their shipping and returns policy are always hard to beat.

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Teal Hoodie | Racerback Tanks | Coral Hoodie

Teal Running Shoes | Pink Running Shoes

Grey Capris | Purple Tee | Striped Capris

Purple Running Shoes

If you're not making weekly stops in Target, please tell me your secret for avoiding it. I swear, I'm on a first name basis with most employees at the locations within a 20-mile radius of my house.

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Pink Racerback Tank | Blue Hoodie | Teal Pullover | Orange Fit-and-Flare Tank

Blue Pants | Pink and Purple Skirts | Pink Pants

Blue Sneakers | Pink Sneakers

Purple Sneakers |  Grey Sneakers

Last, but certainly not least, Old Navy! If you haven't shopped Old Navy's workout collection, you are missing out! Hint : shop online! They have a larger selection AND usually always have some type of promotional code to put towards your order.

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Teal Fleece Pullover | Grey Muscle Hoodie | Blue Tank | Pink Burnout Tee

Black Pants | Purple Pants | Black and Pink Capris | Grey Sweats

Rope Headband | Pink Sports Bra |  Teal Sports Bra | Pink Headband

It's so important for so many reasons to be active so no matter what your style, we encourage you to get out and get fit. Skip the scale, eat right, and find something you love to do that gets your heart up and running! Find a partner that keeps you accountable and make it a part of your day that doesn't get the ax when things get busy. Me, I have to work out first thing in the morning. I like to get it done with and it keeps me alert and motivated the rest of the day. Find what works for you and stick to you!

Of course, stylish options to wear while doing it never hurt either, right?! Right. #GetYourSweatOn

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