Saturday Sips: A Saké Celebration


Did you know October 1st is World Saké Day?.... Yep, neither did I, but, I’ll happily cash in an excuse to eat sushi and sip saké. And I’m celebrating a few days early with the help of the pros at Benihana. (Because, I mean, Buddha sippy-cups, hibachi grills, and generous saké pours are always a good time!)

I’m no saké connoisseur, but I’m trying to learn a little bit more about my rice wines. I know that I definitely favor a light and refreshing, chilled saké… But I’m willing to taste test them all for the sake (or should I say "for the saké?") of editorial credibility!

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SAKÉ TYPE: Junmai-shu (“pure rice sake”)
DESCRIPTION: smooth and full-bodied with a distinct earth flavor with accents of rice.
SERVE: Warm or at room temperature.
PAIRS WELL WITH: Grilled meats, tempura, rich sauces, and earthy vegetables like mushrooms and potatoes

SAKÉ TYPE: Ginjo-shu
DESCRIPTION: Delicate and light-bodied
SERVE: Chilled or at room temperature
PAIRS WELL WITH: Sashimi, seafood, and chicken

SAKÉ TYPE: Nigorisake
DESCRIPTION: Cloudy, creamy body and sweet flavor
SERVE: Well chilled
PAIRS WELL WITH: Spicy foods, many desserts, and chocolate

SAKÉ TYPE: Nama sake
DESCRIPTION: Unpasteurized, creating a live flavor with sharp notes
SERVE: Chilled
PAIRS WELL WITH: Fresh salads, spicy foods, and citrus

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