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I think one of the most vivid memories I have of the day we took our first baby home from the hospital was looking at my husband and saying, "So now they just let us LEAVE AND TAKE THIS BABY HOME?" We were clueless and had no idea what we were doing. After all, babies don't come with a handbook. (Well, there are books upon books about parenting. But those just scared the bejeezus out of me.) What I quickly learned is that I had a very strong instinct about what was right for my son and my family. We all do.

This Mother's Day Rack Room Shoes is celebrating moms and how we magically know what to do, every day and in every situation. We may not know what to do until we take baby steps in our moms shoes, but we have the knowledge, wisdom and, most importantly, love to do what is best! Head over to Rack Room Shoes Facebook page now and enter to win free shoes for a year!

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Enter the #InMomsShoesGiveaway

Visit Rack Room Shoes on Facebook and comment on the most important thing you've learned during your motherhood journey with the hashtag #InMomsShoesGiveaway. Ten winners will be selected from the comments at random. The contest is open from today, May 1, until May 10.

As I mentioned, the most important thing I learned is to trust. To trust my "gut", to trust my instincts and to trust that, no matter what, I'm doing the best that I can. It's certainly not groundbreaking advice. And, in fact, even the famous author of one of those intimidating parenting advice books shares my sentiments. Benjamin Spoke and I agree, "trust yourself."

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Twitter Party

Rack Room Shoes is celebrating the #InMomsShoes campaign and valuable mom wisdom with a discussion on just why mother knows best - and free shoes! Join us for the fun #InMomsShoes Twitter Party on Friday at 10 AM and share your most esteemed advice as we talk motherly mantras, fashion tips and your “real mom style.” Plus, co-host @SavvySassyMoms and guest @myrackroomshoes will be joining to discuss the latest trends and, of course, your favorite spring shoe styles – with giveaways of free shoes throughout the entire party!

Now it's time to think of the most important thing you've learned about motherhood. And then start making your shoe wardrobe wish list in case you win the amazing grand prize of free shoes for a year! Here are some shoes that caught my eye for summer.

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