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Notabli: A Safer Way to Archive Digitally

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Did you know that the average parent will upload over 1000 photos of their child to a form of social media before their child turns 5? But what most parents don't know is that even though they want to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with their family and friends sharing in that way may not be the safest and smartest way to document moments. When my kids were born I wanted to share everything so I started a blog through a company that I thought at the time was a secure place to post photos and document my children. Well, I was wrong and their pictures were sold, the company filed for bankruptcy, and all of those precious moments I had so carefully archived were gone. So I turned to Facebook and Instagram to share photos, big events, and videos. And while both are very good places there's always a little voice in the back of my mind that says but Facebook owns all of the photos on their site.

Enter Notabli. Notabli is the first product launched by Parent Co., a Burlington, VT-based company that builds technology for parents. It is a private social network for parents to sign up to digitally preserve kid pics and share with a smaller group of invited 'inner circle'.

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What makes Notabli different?

  • Notabli is completely ad free. Everytime you go to your Notabli site you will only see your content other than sidebar ads. The founders of Notabli believe strongly that parents should retain the rights to their photos and therefore they are not used for advertising content.
  • With Notabli customers retain all rights to their photos and information and all of the information posted can be downloaded at any time to either a dropbox folder or a zip file to be saved on a hard drive. After having years of precious memories essentially erased I love the idea of having a way to archive my information easily.
  • My absolute favorite feature is the iPhone app. I know I take 100's of photos and videos of my kids on a daily basis and it may be weeks before I get the chance to back them up to my computer. With the app you can upload to Notabli just as you would to any other social media website.
  • In essence Notabli is a digital baby book.
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After discovering Notabli a month ago I've started using it for my children. I've found the interface to be extremely user friendly and the quality of the product to be one that I would be comfortable recommending to my friends. In the future Notabli is planning on offering print services which would allow users to have all of their memories made into a bound book to save for their children. To start using Notabli in your home you can visit their website and set up your own free account.

The Shopping Mama was not compensated for this post and all opinions are our own.

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