Last Minute Easter Fun Ideas


Bunny footprints, scavenger hunts, crazy dyed eggs! We've rounded up some of the best last minute Easter ideas that will help you have a memorable Easter weekend.

First up, carrot plates. No time to order cute Easter bunny plates? No problem. Just print out this FREE PRINTABLE, cut it out, and past it onto a paper plate. Easy, cute and fast.

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Easter Eggs: We usually grab the PAAS egg kit at the store and call it good but these ideas are just as easy.

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 Photo Credit: Instructables

Dinosaur Eggs: These eggs are made by simply cracking the eggs before you dye them. The dye moves under the shell creating a marbled pattern on the actual egg.

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Photo Credit: McCormick

Unusual Colors: No need to experiment with different combos only to have them not turn out the color you were hoping for. McCormick has taken the guesswork out of egg colors and has a handy chart on their website to help you get the perfect turquoise.

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Photo Credit: Your Home Based Mom

Natural Colors: No time to run to the store for food coloring? No problem! You can dye your eggs at home with items you may have in your pantry.

That sneaky bunny! How much fun would it be to have a scavenger hunt on Easter morning. Hide clues and have your child's basket waiting at the end as the grand prize!

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If you have older kids with smart phones who might be "too cool" for an egg hunt send them out hunting with these printable QR codes. We love this idea to bring in the entire family.

Bunny Footprints! Here's a fun way to show the bunny came.

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Photo Credit: The Larson Lingo

On Easter morning have your kiddos follow a path of bunny footprints made out of flour to their baskets.

Happy Easter!

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