How to Inspire Curiosity in Kids with P. King Duckling


Let's talk about well rounded people and how to raise little ones to become them. It is, of course, important to me to focus on things like STEM subjects with my children, but fostering creativity, individuality and a curious nature are also equally as important. Without curiosity great ideas would never be born. And without confidence in one's self, one might not ever try to bring those great ideas to fruition. So, when my kids ask questions, I try to practice patience and encourage that line of communication, even if it's the hundredth question of the day. Haha! And I love it when I can find programming to build on those core lessons, like inspiring curiosity in kids, that I try to instill.

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Take P. King Duckling for example. This charming little show, developed by Dr. Christine Ricci of Dora the Explorer fame, can be found on Disney Junior show weekdays at 8:05am and is a great example of a television show that can serve as supplemental education. You see P. King Duckling is a little duck with BIG dreams...and there are a whole bunch of them. Whether he's imagining himself as a scientist one day or a mountain climber the next, he believes in himself and his ability to tackle anything. His self assuredness allows him to take on adventure after adventure all the while believing that he's smartest, best lookin' duck around.

And, frankly, that's something I'm thrilled to show my kids. A character who truly has confidence in himself and his abilities. Because when my kids are faced with challenges, I want them to be able to strategize and find a solution for whatever they're facing. P. King Duckling definitely displays creative problem solving along with the acceptance that setbacks can be learned from.

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Along with his best buds, Wombat and Chumpkins, P. King Duckling encourages kids to meet the challenges life brings their way and really seize the day and face them head on. And while working through challenges should be focused on, self expression is also vital to experiencing life at its fullest. That could mean coming up with a cool dance or catchy song to convey your emotions or even building or creating something new and different. At the end of the day, this show aims to inspire children to not accept limitations and really shoot for the stars!

I mean just look at how happy my lil' lady bean looks while watching P. King Duckling and the gang! That's clutch because I can think an educational show is must watch tv all I want, but if it doesn't captivate my kids' interests, it's not going to resonate with them and they aren't going to take away those lessons I want them to absorb.

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So, now that you've seen how P. King Duckling can inspire curiosity in kids and why it is going to be a regular feature in our house, I have some fun news for you! We're hosting a giveaway complete with a Tote Bag, Water Bottle, Beach Ball, T-shirt and a Flying Disk (like a Frisbee)! Good luck! And before you go, don't forget to connect with P. King Duckling on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

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