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We love creative toys for our kids. One such brand that recently caught our eye is YOXO, a brand that is completely recyclable and made in the U.S.A. — and intends to reintroduce the power of imagination to children across the country.

These innovative new building sets are the first line of patent-pending, sustainable building sets made of recycled wood pulp. YOXO has earned numerous innovation and creativity awards this year, including Tillywig’s 2014 Best Creative Fun Award, Creative Child’s 2014 Toy of the Year and Creative Play of the Year, Eureka! Award for innovation, and MN Cup Award for entrepreneurship.

The primary material used in all products is recycled wood pulp, meaning the toys are ultimately recyclable. They can be mixed and matched and connected with anything a kid can dream up – making them a perfect gift the whole family can feel good about. Here are some of our favorite toys from the YOXO line:

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YOXO Orig.
His frame consists of 34 notched pieces – Y’s, O’s and X’s – as well as several links, tubes and curves. The kit he comes in also includes custom robot parts and repositionable YOXO eye stickers in a sturdy box with a lid for easy storage.

His pieces are designed to inspire kids and families to build anything imaginable. They can be connected in thousands of ways and attached to stuff around the house, like toilet paper tubes, paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes and more!

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YOXOmoto "Doon"
Doon is a 33-piece dune buggy kit for kids who are ready to take a ride. The kit includes everything needed to build a recyclable YOXOmoto, plus more!

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YOXO to Go
This versatile, 24-piece kit comes in a reusable pouch, which is great for storage and on-the-go fun. It inspires young inventors to build big ideas of their own.

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YOXObug "Flye"
Flye is a 56-piece dragonfly kit for children ready for some seriously big bug action. The kit includes everything needed to make a giant dragonfly, plus more!

The Shopping Mama was not paid for this post. We were given samples for review.

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