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As the calendar turned to a new year, Bing wrapped up 2014 with the most searched terms of the year and predicted the tastes and trends for 2015. The team at Bing "analyzed search signals, social and cultural signals and more – to uncover emerging trends that will break through in the coming year."

2015 Fashion Trend Predictions

The overview of the 2015 fashion predictions sounds like a trip back to the 70s (turtlenecks, denim, scarves), but a quick search reveals these are very wearable looks.

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1. Turtlenecks.POPSUGAR Fashion shared examples of how the "turtleneck can be downright sexy", including this modern gray turtleneck sweater. The gray one pictured is sold out at Gap, but available in deep camel (on sale for $48). This cozy turtleneck sweater is another affordable option.

2. Denim Tuxedo. Okay, bing, I wasn't exactly sure where you were going with this so I was relieved to find the "denim tuxedo" search linked to surprisingly fashionable examples of denim-on-denim. InStyle covered the trend and highlighted three celebrities who rock denim-on-denim.

3. Belted Scarf. I love this idea, but it isn't easy to pull off. PureWow has six tips for how to wear a belted scarf. This large but lightweight scarf from Stella & Dot is the perfect size to try this trend. Pair it with this skinny belt from Old Navy.

Bing expects the hot designers in 2015 to be some familiar names: Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors is expected to outpace Gucci for third place. Further, based on the rise in popularity of wearable gadgets, bing anticipates these designers to tackle the wearable trend.

2015 Travel Predictions

Because we would drop everything and hop on a plane to all the predicted hot travel destinations for 2015, we had to share those, too.

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Obviously, the North America picks aren't actually all located in North America. Rather, these are the hot destinations for people traveling from North America. International travel is on the rise and there will be a growing focus on finding hidden gems. London, Paris, Cancun? Let's go!

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What do you think of the 2015 predictions? Are you on board with turtlenecks and denim tuxedo? What travel destination is on your wish list for this year?

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