AT&T Expands their #ItCanWait Campaign and Raises Awareness of the Dangers of Smartphone Distracted Driving

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We live in a world where we are constantly connected through smart phones. It's hard not to be tempted by them while we are driving. "It was only a second" is a phrase that has been uttered many times.

New research from AT&T reveals that 7 out of 10 people engage in smartphone activity. With all the capabilities that smart phones offer now, there's a lot more than just texting going on. People who were surveyed admitted to responding to emails, checking social media (Facebook tops the list) and even 1 out of 10 admitted to video chatting while driving. That's a lot of distracted driving going on out there and as a parent that's especially scary.


Since 2010 when AT&T launched It Can Wait, they've tried to help raise awareness on the dangers of using cell phones while driving with the phrase "No text is worth a life".

In 2015 AT&T has recently expanded their It Can Wait message to cover more than just texting. No selfie, post, video, or email is worth a life. Through this campaign they are raising awareness of smartphone distracted driving.

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AT&T DriveMode® 

As part of the It Can Wait campaign you can download the FREE AT&T DriveMode® app.

The AT&T DriveMode® app automatically turns on if you're going over 15mph and silences incoming message alerts so you can focus on the road and be safer while driving.

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For parents with teens who are driving, letting them out on the road is a scary thing especially knowing the stats of distracted driving. With the DriveMode® app parents can get a text message if this app is turned off. We love that extra safety feature.

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Join the over 6 million people who have taken the pledge to keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone and lets make driving safer for everyone.

AT&T is working with Disney to help spread the It Can Wait message. This past year, they worked together to educate Disney cast members and guests. And this upcoming year, they're taking it up a notch and bringing a virtual reality experience to Walt Disney World Resort. Another reason to love Disney!

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