A Little Hope for the Couples of Hope Valley

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Oh, When Calls the Heart… You are seriously toying with my emotions.

I’m confused. I’m frustrated. I’m totally addicted.

This past week’s episode of the Hallmark Channel series was full of action—as always. And just as I was starting to feel confident in Elizabeth and Jack’s budding relationship, a seed of doubt has been planted... I guess that’s sort of the point—no TV couple can be on solid ground for too long. I suppose it would get boring if everything was always sunshine, rainbows, and romance in Hope Valley. Nevertheless, I find myself wanting to jump inside the television (or, you know, hop in my fictional time machine) to mediate their totally unnecessary quibbles, quarrels, and miscommunications. “Elizabeth—he’s not into Nurse Carter… Sure, she’s pretty and sweet and most definitely interested, but NOTHING happened!”…. “Jack, Elizabeth’s relationship with Charles is complicated but platonic. You don’t need to feel threatened.”

I’m not sure I’d be much help counseling Bill and Abigail, on the other hand. That is one relationship that needs more time, more truth, and more trust. I’m still a little unsure of Bill’s intentions—and despite his recent revelation and explanation, I, like, Abigail have my doubts. (Why didn’t he just come clean to begin with?)

Finally, I want to see more of Tom and Julie. This “unacceptable” relationship, might just have potential after all. Sure, Julie is silly and foolish and immature; and Tom is rugged and uncouth and “not good enough,” but we now know that he was willing to lie for her—and that takes character and honor.

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Of course, if you haven’t been watching WCTH, you have no idea what I’m talking about. Then again, perhaps I’ve piqued your interest. This show is my Saturday night guilty pleasure—a glass of wine, some take-out, and an 8 PM date with the Hallmark Channel. Ahhh, until next week, Hope Valley.

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