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The second you have a baby it is amazing how quickly your once comfortable living situation gets very tight. Adding toys, clothes and newborn chairs to the mix can make any living situation feel cramped and somewhat unorganized. The best solution to your space woes is to use a practical storage unit. Storing your baby'??s goods is a great option to make your space more functional '?? not to mention it will make it easier to locate and organize your little one'??s belongings. Here are some of our top picks:

Trofast Storage Unit  - Image Credit: IKEA

Trofast Storage Unit - (Image Credit: IKEA)

Trofast Storage Combination by IKEA: We love IKEA for their stylish, affordable and practical storage solutions. The Trofast Storage Combination is a solid pine unit where you can slide several drawers for storage. Depending on your needs, this can include up to 9 storage units whose bins are over 17". This makes it easy to storage your baby'??s new toys and books and clothes that will also grow with your child as you swap in some of their toddler stuff. I love the versatile color storage bin options '?? ranging from white, red, pink, green and blue that would work for boys or girls and being a cute bin it can easily accommodate with your child'??s room '?? without compromising their style.

Cameron 2 Cubby & 2 Base Set - (Image Credit: Pottery Barn Kids)

Cameron 2 Cubby & 2 Base Set - (Image Credit: Pottery Barn Kids)

Cameron 2 Cubby and 2 Base Set '?? This cute and functional cubby set (retails for $569) available from Pottery Barn Kids offers parents the ultimate storage solution. With 10 cubbies to place your baby or toddler'??s items, this unit provides a great solution to help you get organized that can also accommodate cute baskets for a different look. The units are available in white or wood.

Hamper 3-Drawer Storage Unit- Image Credit:

Hamper 3-Drawer Storage Unit- (Image Credit:

Hamper 3-Drawer Storage Unit: A great storage option, this three-drawer unit (retails for $34.99) by Badger Basket is ideal to house all the tons of onesies, bibs and diapers you will go through. The white canvas drawers can also be easily cleaned and are very lightweight. Being that it is a simple design, it can also grow with your child for easy storage of your toddler'??s lightweight items like underwear, gloves, hat and t-shirts.

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