Nursery Essential--The Laundry Hamper

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Take it from me, you will get intimate with your washer with the new addition to your family. It's not unusual for an infant to go through two outfits a day, plus pajamas, plus burp cloths, plus sheets, plus towels, plus...well, you get the idea.

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My theory: You might as well have a swell looking hamper to keep things interesting. I've got three suggestions to lighten the load (pun intended) and spruce up the nursery.

First, the sleek modern Jax Hamper (see above). The folks at 2 Modern brought this one to my attention. It's made from sustainable and organic materials and is offered in four bright contemporary solid colors: orange, pink, green and purple. $68

My second pick is from Loom. The pop-up hamper (striped to the left) is made of 100% cotton canvas. Cute enough to hold stuffed animals or stinky laundry--but you'll want to use a liner with this one since you can't toss it in the wash. $28

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And finally the budget play. Umbra offers four prints in their crunch cans (see right). They are graphic and bold and can be a great accent to a solid-colored room. I like the plastic liner that prevents odors from sneaking out. $26.50

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