New Nook Pebble Mattress

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Why buy an expensive mattress like the new Nook Pebble ($610) for your baby? Infants spend the first three-quarters of their lives sleeping. Placing them on a chemical-filled, non-breathable mattress is bad for baby's body and sleep patterns. We're hoping to see the Nook Pebble Mattress up close soon to give this cool design a thorough review.

The makers say the breathable natural latex core helps promote ventilation. They've used certified organic cotton, eucalyptus and low-impact dyes facilitate breathability across the entire Nook product line--these materials, plus the cool looks have sent the price up high.

We haven't tested the Nook (28" x 53" x 4"and 25 lbs.)--be we'd love to see if liquids really do bead on the surface, eliminating the need for mattress pads and making for a quick and easy wipe up, even at 3am. The Nook line will start shipping on 4/16/10. Design Find #24.

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