A Chair with Flair for the Nursery

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What I learned this week: fashion and utility can coexist in a child's room.

This month is devoted to decorating. Nurseries and kids rooms are a great place to let yourimagination run wild and to tap into your inner creative talents.

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I have also learned this week that you don't have to spend a bundle to freshen up a kids room. Ir is a matter of repurposing what you've got and selecting perfect accent pieces.

Today I am spotlighting a chair from RompStore.com. Check out the Case Study Rocker. Why do I love this rocker and think it worthy of the $375 price tag? Well it is a timeless modern design that will never look dated or "too babyish" yet it serves the purpose of sweetly soothing baby to sleep.

Plus, you can personalize the rocker in one of more than a dozen magnificent colors, such as celery (shown) and bright blue. This classic 1950 fiberglass chair is an ideal spot to nurse and then it will transition to cool seating for any adult or child. Often referred to as the most significant furniture design of the 20th century, these rockers are made using the original eames production molds.

And as a special treat Momtrends readers will get a 10% discount on theirRomp orders with the coupon code: trends

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