Six Tips for a Beautiful Nursery

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Tips for Creating a Beautiful Nursery for Baby AND Mom from
You don'??t have to sacrifice style for function'?¦. You can have it all

1. Re-Rug. Use remnants of hypoallergenic fiber rugs to create a fun, colorful rug. Get creative and make your own design!
2.Stay healthy. Use zero-voc paint and lacquer for walls and furniture. Beautiful results and even better, your family can breathe easy. Check out Benjamin Moore'??s '??Natura'? line.
3.Look up. Put wallpaper on the ceiling. Babies are on their backs for the first 3-6 months of their lives, why not make things interesting for them? A little texture and splash of color is fun for adults too!
4.Reclaim vintage pieces. A vintage dresser can be transformed into a proper changing table, with compartments inside for organizing baby needs and a railing on top to house the changing mattress. Vintage chic!
5.Let there be light! Place a light fixture at the center of the room to warm things up- vintage is always nice touch.
6.Introducing'?¦ the tottoman! A fun, efficient way to stow away toys and books. Designers Call will custom design a tottoman to fit the '??look'? of your nursery. Pricing for the tottomans start at $1000 + fabric.

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These six great tips are from Lara Fishman, Owner of Storm Interiors and her new venture Designers Call. Designer's Call was conceived after a number of Lara's friends, many of them busy parents, expressed the need to have their homes designed by a professional, but simply couldn't afford the time or cost required.

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For many it was a matter of finding a solution for a small projects or help with a important purchase. But not a project that warranted a traditional interior designer. Lara realized she could bring fast, affordable decorating services and design products straight to her clients' homes. What a great idea! She's based in LA, but has a lot of terrific ideas on her site.

For more budget-friendly tips read the article I wrote for A/C.

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