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Since this is Decorate the Nursery Month on Momtrends, I thought I would go to the experts for a Guest Blog. Melisa Fluhr & Pamela Ginocchio are the founders of Project Nursery. If you haven't checked out their blog you are really missing out. For style junkies like me, it is an instant fix. For example, today when I checked out the blog it had a video on how to apply wall decals (perfect for the winner of the Dali Decal Contest!). My favorite thing to do is check out the Real Rooms. Readers submit their pictures to supply inspiration. In addition to the awesome site, the ladies run a design business. I wanted to know what made these two trend mavens tick. So here is the exclusive Momtrends interview.

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Why did you start your blog?
We started Project Nursery one year ago this month as a way to document, express our creativity and design work. There are many blogs that we love however, we struggled to find a single blog that shared our sense of style and focused solely on kid décor'?¦So we created our own!

Where do you work?
Pam is based San Francisco and Melisa is based in Los Angeles. While we wish we could say that we were coming to you from a fancy loft-like office, the real answer is that we blog and design from the heart of our respective homes: The Kitchen. Ironically, we both have office areas with desks that face walls enhanced by Jonathan Adler Wallpaper for a burst of color and playfulness!

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Where do you find design inspiration?
Magazines, fabrics, design blogs, TV shows, etc. but most importantly we also think it'??s necessary to find inspiration from within the home. For example, a couple may want to design an ultra modern nursery but their home is an old Victorian. We think it'??s important to take cues from the bones of the room as inspiration and then find subtle ways to incorporate your own style.

Favorite Color?
Pam: Currently, I am on orange kick!
Melisa: All about gray! Sounds really boring but it'??s a wonderful neutral.

Personal style icon?
Kelly Wearstler for the home - most definitely. Her designs are fun, entertaining and chic. Celebrity Angelina Jolie because the talented actress and mom of 6 can'??t go wrong from cool and casual to Oscar worthy. And of course there is fashion legend Diane Von Furstenberg to round out our list.

Brand philosophy?
Kid design doesn'??t have to be '??kiddie'?.

What brand/item are you crazy about?
So many! But if we could re-do our own nurseries, we both agree that dud duc would have been the way to go.
Most recently, Pam can'??t get the Jacqui Collection (see table left) out of her mind for its glam curves and Melisa is constantly re-measuring to make certain she has enough fun and practical FLOR tiles.

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Favorite bed-time book at your house?
Melisa: Gossie by Olivier Dunrea
Pam: The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch

Thanks ladies and keep those awesome ideas coming!

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