Kitchen Refresh 101 with IKEA


"The kitchen is where the the heart is", my mother used to say. So why not make it a stylish one with IKEA's affordable and functional solutions. We hopped on an IKEA webcast to find out how to redesign or refresh a kitchen for your lifestyle.

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  • Get inspired by looking through magazines, including IKEA's kitchen catalog. Cut-out pictures of the kitchens you love. Put them in a folder and review them to find patterns in color, style and layout. I created a portfolio that captures all of my "dream" rooms and design favorites and I use it for inspiration every time (monthly, according to my husband) I want to redecorate.
  • Always measure precisely, but don't worry if you aren't a DIY person. Ikea offers a home measuring service.
  • Choose a layout (L-shaped, U-shaped, Galley) that suits your lifestyle and space.
  • Choose cabinets with beauty on the outside and brains on the inside.
  • Avoid putting drawers in the corner.
  • Select energy efficient appliances.
  • Include good general lighting with adjustable dimmers and task/mood lighting to accent.
  • Save drawer space with an expanding lid organizer (who knew?) and a collapsable collander ( I want one).
  • Get rid of stuff you don't use or store it outside of the kitchen. You know what I mean-your great-grandmother's china that you never use.
  • Develop a communication center using a magnetic or chalk board to keep the family informed.


  • Keep your design simple with a clean, linear look.
  • Refresh with a new color scheme. Grays and Browns are in.
  • Select appliances with integrated cabinets.
  • Accent with colorful canisters and bamboo textiles.
  • Use integrated hardware for more function and style.

Renter solutions:

  • Use a rolling cart for extra work space and versatility.
  • Create more storage using a vertical wall rail.
  • Get a mounting dish drainer.
  • Use removable light strips below cabinets to enhance lighting.

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