Inspired Kid-Centric Wallpaper from Down Under

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Design and decorating month is here at last. And I'm on a mission to inspire all the parents out there to find inspiration from these posts and embrace change. Maybe it's a new piece of art for the playroom. Perhaps you're on keen to overhaul the nursery and turn it into a "big boy" room with bunkbeds. Or maybe you simply want to get the kiddie toy stuff organized. I'm promising you 50 ideas big and small this month. Let's start with the walls shall we? The Bholu Menagerie wallpaper collection launched in February and I'm smitten.

Designer Jodie Fried made sure that her papers captured the vibrancy of colors. Jodie got inspired by the drawings of children in underprivileged communities in India. The Menagerie Collection designs include '??Mavis the Monkey'??, '??Frederick the Elephant'?? and '??Marjorie the Duck'??, and are available in both beautiful neutral linen tones and the classic vibrant Bholu colours of orange, red, and olive. Shop for boarders or standard wall paper rolls.

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