Green Parenting Ideas: The Three R's of Nursery Design


Take a green approach to your nursery design and you'll not only save the environment, you'll save money as well. And we bet with these eco-friendly design tips, the end result will be a room that looks fresh, unique and stimulating to your child. Here are the Three R's of Green Nursery Decor:

Reduce: Keep the purchases and clutter to a minimum. You don't need a wipes warmer, diaper pails and a million toys. Cut back on your environmental impact when buying something new. Brands like ducduc use sustainably harvested hardwoods, and water based, non-toxic finishes. Sure you may pay a little more for this quality--but you are protecting your child's earth when you reduce the materials that go into production.

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Reuse: Instead of buying a new changing table, simple buy a portable changing pad (we like the round Patemm Pad and keep the dresser you already own for baby gear. Invest in a crib that will convert to a toddler bed. Again, you'll pay more initially, but end up saving money over time. Cariboo's Kiwi Cot Crib can convert to a toddler bed and a sofa--now that is a good investment.

Recycle: Pick items made from recycled materials. We admire brands like Loll. All the kiddie furniture is made from 100% recycled HDPE--a plastic resin used in products and packaging such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, margarine tubs, and garbage containers.

And don't forget to recycle your own treasures. Now is the time to call up your parents and see what they saved from your childhood. No, I'm not talking about ancient cribs--instead think artwork. Create a collage of your baby photos as low-cost artwork.

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